The hope to be back

April 15, 2011

It has been a super long pause for me. My last post was two years ago. Same fate also happened to my 2 other blogs and my fashion blog. My world has been spinning with lots of events ever since. Sad, happy, mad, crazy, coincidental, intentional, flat, square, were all gone without a trace, unwritten. So now I’ve came to a realization that I’ve had long enough pause and I think I need to pick it up again. It wouldn’t be from where I left off, but it would rather start from where I am now.

With this post I make a pact with myself to try my best to write more often (another pact alright).

I hope I am back.


What Color Life Is

March 23, 2009

A dying professor on Oprah show said that if life were 100%, 10% of it is white, 10% is black and 80% is gray. But if we want, we can make that 80% white.

But I say that it doesn’t matter what we want to turn that 80% into, black or white. As long as we believe that white and black are just equally the same. No difference at all. It’s all about our perception.


Are You That Busy?

March 17, 2009

This was a question raised by one of my best friends in NY through an email. It wasn’t just a regular question that we, sometimes address to people. I could sense a protest in the question. I could see where she comes from. I haven’t been so prompt in answering text messages and replying emails. The last email she sent me was rather important, but still I never reply to that to the point I write this post.

Let me see, am I that busy? I don’t have a 9 to 5 job in here. What I do during my stay in Jakarta is helping an NGO that works on issues of human rights. The work that I help with right now is a global campaign for the ratification of the Rome Statute. And this campaign involves a coalition with some organizations and makes me work closely with a few number of experts, designated government official and parliament members, as well as with international organizations (CICC headquarters in NY, ICC headquarters in the Haque, and Parliamentarian for Global Action in NY to mention some) as well as respective individuals. From Monday to Friday, ideally I would go to the office and work on everything that related to the work. Emailing people or organizations, dealing with budgets, organizing regular meeting of experts, writing letter for embassies and government official, reading through documents, proof-readings, translating documents and so on. In some days, I would have to attend meetings with many different people related to the work, organizing seminars or workshops, and talk shows. No no, it’s not as much work as it looks. I mean it is, but I don’t do all of them by myself and those work were not being tackled in every single day of the week.

Besides the work I do in the NGO, I also do other work that actually give me the main income. The job that I actually hate so much and I’d say that it is rather depressing for me to do (yup, that’s how much I hate it!). Translating and interpreting job. But as much as I hate interpreting, it pays really well. Just imagine, my three days of interpreting job pays me an amount of money that equals to a whole month salary of a project officer in an International NGO! Sometime even bigger. I guess I can’t complaint, can I?

Sometimes I spend my weekdays to have a long lunch with my girlfriends, or I even spend a whole afternoon just strolling in a mall with them. Some nights I spend chilling out with my boys (friends, not children :D) in local bars or cafes. My weekends are pretty much the same. Either I spend them with my friends or just sit in front of my computer surfing the net (and yet I don’t reply to those personal emails from friends).

So, am I that busy?

I guess I am pretty busy but I actually know for sure that if I can get feet to wander around malls, my tongue to enjoy good food and beers in cafes, and my arse to sit for hours in front of my laptop browsing for news and shoes, then I should be able to get myself to answer those emails and text messages. What I really need is a little effort to keep in touch with and pay more attention to those who love me. And it takes a big will from my part. I have to reminf myself, that if I love those people, then they deserve the will.


An Unsual Movie Night

March 5, 2009

I just realized that I haven’t gotten around to writing about the unusual movie night that was organized by my friends back in January. I knooow it’s so late, but what the hell. I am always behind in updating my blog anyway *grin*.

As I said in my past post, the movie night was held in Bioskop Grand, a slum movie theater in Senen. Though I’ve heard stories and received some little warnings about the theater, I didn’t really know what to expect (especially with only a little piece of information I know about the movie night). I mean, I’ve been to movie theaters as such but it was back during my college days when my curiosity as a Sociology student was so high (I ended up writing a paper about the social pattern of the movie-goers). But those days were a ways behind me, and I was so sure this unusual movie night would give me an interesting experience.

Once I arrived I found out that it was a Free Movie Night. The movies being screened were Benyamin Koboi Insaf and Susanna’s Santet 2.  Typical themes that normally attract the theater’s patrons. Comedy, horror and sex.

There, two young women were sitting on previously prepared chairs with an old chipped table in front of them. One of the women was dressing up like Susanna with a jasmine flowers tassel headdress adorning her hair and red blush-on harshly dominating her skinny oval-shaped face . She sat sheepishly while handing out the free tickets. On the contrary, the other women stood up with full of self-confidence and blasted out her loud voice, calling out people to come and get a free ticket to the movies. There were some games too, hosted by the two women and a guy from the organizer team. I was instantly liking the ambiance. All the little interactions that happened among the crowd. Oh, by the way, the two women were sex workers who work in the area every night. It was a good effort from the organizer side to engage people from the hood (well, not necessarily those who reside there, but at least those who spend their days and nights around the theater) in the event.

I quickly observed the whole place too. It amazed me how this theater survives the modern situation of Jakarta. It is a big run down building with five studios in it and located right in the corner of one of the busiest areas in central Jakarta. Across the street, erect a big shopping mall with movie theaters that is part of the 21 cineplex mega spider net. I was wondering how  the owner manage to pay the taxes with only Rp. 4000 ticket price and a low occupancy for each theater on any given days.

9 pm, I stood just a couple of meters away from the studio door and watched the people entering the studio. It surprised me and amused me at the same time to see the demography of the movie-goers. Young, old, men and women. Nicely-clothed (in their own right) and poor-looking groups of people. Even Chinese-descent families with young children!

Just as people entering the studio, the Chinese woman who owns the theater invited a scavenger, who looked puzzled looking at the crowd and wondered about what was going on, to see the movie.

“C’mmon, sir, get the ticket and watch the movies. Put your basket and picker out here. I’ll keep an eye on them.”

I finally entered the studio. My eyeballs kept moving left and right, up and down. Absorbing everything there were inside the studio. A large beat-up room with nasty-looking walls that have cracks and chips all over the place. A stadium-setting seating arrangement with old-shit wooden chairs. Narrow screen that was put too high up the wall, definitely not proportionately placed in accordance with the seating. I laughed when I saw a restroom right under the screen. Oh, how it completes the bizarreness of this theater. Not to mention the big fans attached to the walls, and oh…everyone was smoking inside (I did too, to distract myself from the nasty smell). So my friend and I settled in the middle row. When I said settled, it doesn’t mean I was sitting comfortably with my back resting against the chair and my arms on the armrest. All of those warnings kept me basically half sitting half standing (well, I exaggerate it a bit but basically I wasn’t sitting properly), with my arms nicely on my laps.

So the first movie started. It was Benyamin Koboi Insaf. I ain’t gonna tell you about the movie, but I will about how it went. As most of you, Indonesians (well at least if you were from the ’80s and up generation or if you are a curious younger generation) you know what kind of movie was this. A slapstick comedy that to me, to be quite frank, was not so funny anymore (okay, some were still funny to me). But the idea of watching it was hilarious. But for most people in the theater, I guess the movie was sooo entertaining, as they kept laughing and clapping at each scenes, particularly at raunchy scenes. One catch, the movie stop every five minutes! As if the bad quality pictures and a screen that chopped the moving pictures on the edges were not enough. When the blank screen appeared, people booed and made different kind of funny remarks. When the pictures were back on, they clapped and cheered. I just laughed the whole way of the movie.

One interesting thing to point out. There was a woman sitting a few chairs down from my friend. No one was between them. Just a second after my friend settled on his seat, that woman tried to start a conversation with him. A small and trivial conversation, like asking the time, what movie was about and so on. After a while we assumed that she was a sex worker trying to get a business. Another experience that was rather nasty, was when my friend, who sat more confidently than I did, felt something sticky on his arms from the armrest. Eeewwww!!!! (to understand the context, you might want read my first posting about this movie night here). He was sooo lucky that I was well-equipped with wet tissues.

At the end of the first movie, I already felt itches all over my body. It might have been just in my head, but I decided to go out. I have observed enough anyways. The only thing I had in mind was just to go home and take a shower. But I ended up in a karaoke room my girlfriends. Oh well….

All and all, kudos to Vero, Ucu and friends for organizing such a wonderful event. It is not often for the less-fortunate people get such a treat. Keep up the good work, guys!

Note: I actually had an interesting conversation with the owner of the movie theater. But this post is long enough being as it is. So I won’t bore you with any more paragraphs 😀


Things I Left That Need To Be Picked Up Again Soon

March 3, 2009

– Read More
– Write More
– Go to bed earlier (no later than 3 am, with an exception for special nights where I get the luxury of getting drunk with friends. zupeeeer!)
– Wake up earlier (well, just to be realistic, if I could get up before 10 am in the morning that would be puuuurfect)
– Be more discipline
– Buy more shoes (cheater aleeeeeeert!!!!!)


About What???

March 2, 2009

Alright, let’s get it straight once and for all about the purpose of this blog. I know, I know, I am being indecisive about what I want to do with this blog since in my earlier post I said that I am going to write my daily thangs and some random blips. Sure, as I said before, I wouldn’t write anything serious that will feed your intellectual brain, but that doesn’t mean I would write about ‘the-sushi-i-ate-last-night-was-oh-s0-heavenly-good’ kinda thing nor would I about the shoes I just purchased the other day either. I don’t want to bore you with trivial things that happen in my daily life.

I want something more than that. But what? I seriously need to figure out soon or else this blog would be just another useless thing I do. Let me think for a sec….



still thinking…

Oh well, still can’t figure it out. I might need more than a sec to dig deeper inside my head. I let you know soon. For sure, I will try to stick to the title of this blog. Whatever I write should revolve around the title: The Lone Wanderer!

So bear with me. I’ll Be Back! (said in Arnie’s accent).


How Many Blog Does One Need?

February 24, 2009

I need four! Yup, four! One is on multiply that I have started some years ago and don’t feel like removing it. Another one is this one, which I opened more than a year ago but have just started writing in a bit ago. One is my fashion blog, and the last one is a secret one, anonymous one. No, I don’t gossip or bitch about certain people I know in life therefore I want to keep my identity a secret so they don’t get mad at me. It was just a blog where I write in my poems, short stories, and some slightly serious issues. Why I keep it anonymously? Because I am too shy about it….hahahaha…

So, there! How many blog do you need?